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Main Principals of Homeopathy


Homeopathy is a medical system that stimulates the body’s own ability to overcome disease and healitself. Homeopathy achieves this by giving very small doses of a natural substance that produces similar symptoms to the disease thereby assisting the body’s own healing resources.


For example if someone develops an infection, the body may produce fever to eliminate the virus. By looking superficially at the symptom of fever, it tells us that the temperature is rising. By looking closer we may notice, that the temperature is higher at certain times of the day. The skin of the head may appear red and hot or the opposite – pale; the patient may appear thirsty or not; there might be a sensation of a cold shower in the back or painful bone pain
present. Emotionally the patient may want to be left alone or the opposite, appearing “clingy”, or irritable in a way nobody can comfort the patient  etc. All these little details are important clues in Homeopathy. They  need to be carefully observed and monitored by a skilled  Homeopath, who prescribes Homeopathic Medication, which is similar to the overall symptoms in this particular patient.


Homeopathy is based on the main principal: “Likes are cured by Likes”. This means any substance that can produce symptoms in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms in a sick person.  An example for this principal is a bee-sting. Someone who happens to be stung by a bee, might develop the following symptoms: “redness, swelling, and burning or stinging pain” (In severe cases, a bee sting can cause an allergic shock reaction, called anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock. Note, Anaphylaxis is an emergency situation that requires immediate hospitalization).

The Homeopathic Medicine Apis mellifica is derived from the honeybee.

Apis mellifica has been successfully used for centuries with symptoms in reaction to bee stings, and similar symptoms with redness, swelling, burning, and stinging. It has been prescribed for other forms of insect-bites or stings, rat bites, jellyfish stings, food poisonings, anaphylaxis, throat inflammation as well as certain cases of gout and arthritis. Apis mellifica has helped in addition to the previous described acute and first aid conditions numerous people with serious chronic conditions.


Symptoms a remedy can address are most often revealed by a homeopathic drug proving. Healthy people take a homeopathic remedy and record all symptoms 
that they experience (mentally, emotionally and physically). A control group is given a placebo at the same time. The collection and analysis of the results in homeopathic drug provings are the foundation to understand which similar symptoms in a sick person can be addressed by a particular remedy.

Homeopathy goes back to the German Physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1844). Hahnemann studied basic healing principals that could be traced to Greek Writings by Hippocrates also known as the “Father of Medicine”. Hippocrates postulated in his scripts: "Similia similibus curentur", which means "Likes are cured by likes". Hahnemann proved this principal “first hand” by taking a substance derived from “Cinchona-Bark” which was known at his time to have curative power for malaria. 

After taking the substance he developed symptoms similar to malaria, i.e. he started sweating, shivering, and experienced weakness. Hence, he concluded that a remedy derived from Cinchona Bark (China) cures malaria. Till today the Homeopathic  remedy China officinalis (Chin.) is used to treat  and cure malaria and a variety of  other diseases and chronic conditions.

 Another basic principal in Homeopathy, developed by Samuel Hahnemann is  based on the foundation to treat the totality of the symptoms. Mind, body and  emotions are not separate entities. There is a constant interaction between all  levels in a person and its environment.

 That’s why Homeopathic treatment addresses the overall symptoms of  an individual patient. Homeopaths take their time to understand all dimensions of a patient. The exact description, how a disease or condition is experienced as well as health history, childhood- and important life experiences, food preferences, hobbies and even dreams provide the basis on which the Homeopath prescribes the appropriate Homeopathic Medicine.


A healing process is often like a journey. People explore their own life in a deep way, finding out whothey are, and what circumstances lead to physical, emotional and mental disturbances that want to be healed. Additionally to health related conditions, some people make life changes on their journey, discover new values and goals, or simply experience their present life in a different way.

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